TUNDRA's Frequently Asked Questions:

Q.   What does the TUNDRA product line consist of?

TUNDRA offers a complete line to meet all refrigeration needs.

Special Purpose Units

Q.   Are TUNDRA models durable?
A.   TUNDRA units are built for the marine, truck and RV industries, that demand durability.
They are designed to absorb the heavy shock and vibration in mobile environments.
Withstand the high ambient conditions found in all vehicles.
Q.   What voltage do they operate on?
A.   TUNDRA units are designed for 12/24 Volt DC systems.
Q.   Can they operate on AC 115/230 voltage?
A.   Yes, they automatically have a 12/24 VDC selection but will operate at 115/230 VAC with the optional converter.
Q.   What is this optional converter?
A.   The optional converter is the TPS (TUNDRA Power Supply) which allows the units to operate in AC or DC applications. When used, the unit prefers the AC line in voltage. When this AC voltage becomes unavailable, the unit automatically switches to DC power, and when the AC power returns it will switch back. When using the TPS converter, TUNDRA is the most efficient unit on the market.
Q.   What kind of compressor do the TUNDRA models use?
A.   TUNDRA models operate with the reliable Danfoss compressor, providing improved compressor efficiencies.
Q.   Are TUNDRA models noisy?
A.   Because TUNDRA models operate with the Danfoss piston driven compressor, they are extremely quiet.
Q.   Are TUNDRA parts easy to find and available when needed?
A.   All models share the same standard condensing system, which allows for common parts in stock at all times, through nationwide distribution.
Q.   What kind of condensing system does TUNDRA use?
A.   Forced Air Condensers, as a standard, to provide improved heat transfer and increased efficiencies.
Q.   What are the advantages of a Forced Air Condenser?
A.   Forced air condensors provide much more efficient heat transfer than static coils, maintain lower power consumption and allow for a more compact condensing system as well as providing additional interior volumes. Forced air condensors are easier to ventilate properly with smaller vents or openings.
Q.   What type of refrigerant does TUNDRA use?
A.   Environmental friendly R-134a refrigerant.
Q.   What else makes TUNDRA the better choice?
A.   Structural integrity of TUNDRA units, lightweight rigid housing made of galvanized metal welded for durability, units prime coated and painted with oxidizer to prevent all corrosion, stainless steel hinge assemblies and hardware.
Q.   Is the door reversible?
A.   Yes, reversible doors with positive latch systems are standard.
Q.   Is the door panel interchangeable?
A.   TUNDRA models come standard with a finished black door panel that is easily interchangeable for different interior applications.
Q.   How do TUNDRA models mount into cabinetry?
A.   Flush Mount Flange assemblies are standard on most models. (3 Sided & 4 Sided) This allows the units to be mounted flush within cabinets.
Q.   Can they store a variety of different size foods and beverages?
A.   Yes, all models have adjustable shelving for space efficiency and storage of all shapes.
Q.   Does TUNDRA offer an ice maker?
A.   No, as of this time, we do not offer an ice maker, however we carry ice cube trays for the freezer applications.

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