Marine Air Systems originated in the garage of current president, Mason Heydt, over 25 years ago with a chilled water product line. In 1974, MarinAire Corporation in Fort Lauderdale, Florida brought Heydt on board as President of what is now known as Marine Air Systems, Inc. In the 70's, industry trends indicated the need for a different type of marine air conditioning, and Marine Air Systems (MAS) developed a comprehensive line of direct expansion equipment.


Marine Air Systems became an affiliate of N.A. Taylor in 1977. This partnership gave MAS access to enormous resources for product research and development. As a result of this partnership, in the early 80's the company revolutionized the industry with at self-contained ductable unit which became the cornerstone for the company and still represents over 65% of today's business. MAS also acquired Grunert Refrigeration at this time, expanding MAS into the refrigeration market.

The end of the 80's MAS wanted to diversify its product offerings and expand into larger yacht applications - it was time for MAS to grow with its customer base. Heydt came full circle professionally: the solution came with the introduction complete line of chilled water systems which led to the development of the modular chilled water system (MCW). The MCW concept allowed for easier installation in the boat as each unit can be installed separately if necessary. And, of course, there is the staged chilled water (SCW) system which is the choice of yacht builders worldwide.

The goal of the 90's has been to bring chilled water to smaller boats, sizes 50, 60 and 70 feet. MAS wants to make chilled water systems more affordable so all boat owners can experience a quiet system that is also better for the environment. The Vector Compact, their smallest self-contained unit, debuts this year. The unit incorporates the Tecumseh Rotary compressor, unsurpassable for its quietness and reliability. In addition, MAS has experienced tremendous success with Passport II and introduces its new three year warranty.

Marine Air Systems, Inc. is a 5 1/2 acre facility located in Pompano Beach, Florida. They are the global leader in developing and manufacturing marine air conditioning and refrigeration equipment.

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