On Board

PASSPORT II - A digital control, we highly recommend this control for all Direct Expansion (self-contained and central systems).
    White and black faceplates, also a Retrofit Kit available to upgrade from a 3-knob control. Humidity control features, heat features check out the reference card.

3 KNOB MECHANICAL - a mechanical control

    White and black faceplates and knobs, (1)Off-Fan Only-On, (2)Fan Speed, (3)Thermostat

  • A low cost option

2 KNOB MECHANICAL - a mechanical control

    for Cool MatesTM, No fan Speed, (1)Off-Fan-On, (2)Thermostat

  • A low cost option

Chilled Water Electrical Control Options

Chilled water units have 2 separate controls. One controls the unit itself, and the other controls the Air Handler(s). These systems are all customized; there is flexibility in the design. We recommend you visit one of our Dealers/Distributors for which application will work the best for your yacht. Listed below are the 3 basic types of controls that can be customized for your needs.

Chiller Series


Air Handlers


  • AH-PASSPORT - a digital control that is a reconfiguration of the Passport II, 3 speed fan options for 50Hz applications.
  • AH-MAXX- a larger display than the Passport II with more one button feature, a light bar for fan speed and automatic dimming for your cabin preferences.

  • MAXX-HZ- also uses the Maxx display, with more customized and programmable options including: frequency drive to control blower noise.

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