Our self-contained systems for 20 to 50 foot boats feature the high efficiency Tecumseh rotary compressor for lower power consumption, quieter operation, lighter weight and increased reliability. Our newest self-contained model -- the Vector Compact -- is 25% smaller than any comparable system, thanks to a patented design breakthrough that places the condenser coil inside the evaporator shroud. Our wide range of capacities and configurations allows designers, builders and owners to find the successful solution they need, within budget.

The Vector Compact was introduced in 1998 and just recently was awarded a US patent. It was designed and developed to be the smallest water cooled, self contained unit on the market. This space saving unit is 25% smaller than its competitors' and its simple, clean design will allow easier installation and service.

Was manufactured from 1989-1998, the Vector Rotary was modified in 1998 to become Vector Compact, now even smaller and more efficient. It is listed here for those who own it.

Similar to the Vector Series, Cabin Mate has a unique footprint, featuring a "V" shape base pan, fixed blower and electrical box providing an alternate installation layout. Recommended for boats in the 25-40' range.


The Cool Mate 5,000 is the smallest unit available in the market. This self contained cool only system is designed for boats in the 25 foot range. Drawing a nominal 3.9 amps at 115 volts, the Cool Mate allows for extended run time on inverter applications. The Cool Mate also comes in 12,000 BTU's and 16,000 BTU's for boats in the 30 foot market. The Cool Mate series is sold separately or with a complete installation kit and is offered with a two knob mechanical control only.


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