Holdover Plates:

    Holdover refrigeration systems are used when continuous power is not available to run your refrigerator . A holdover system allows a boater to run the equipment for a couple of hours a day and enjoy continuous cold box temperatures for up to 24 hours. Grunert Holdover Plates feature a true eutectic solution, which guarantees a stable temperature during this holdover period. Grunert is the only manufacturer that offers standard holdover plates in four temperatures: 0, -9, and -18 for freezer applications and 26. A wide variety of sizes are available to accommodate various box designs.

    Designers are invited to consult the Marine Air Systems Customer Support Team for assistance in planning a vessel with high quality, exceptionally reliable and environmentally-friendly refrigeration.


Custom Flat Evaporator Plates:

    When continuous power is available, Grunert evaporator plates provide the solution for your cockpit freezers, drink boxes and any other custom refrigeration application. Evaporator plates are very cost effective and are available in a wide variety of custom sizes to accommodate various box designs.



DC Voltage/Hermetic Models:

    Grunert Polar Mate models are offered in air, water or air/water cooled condensers for maximum versatility. Air cooled units offer standard efficiencies. Water cooled units provide increased efficiencies and superior operation in high ambient temperatures. Two sizes of evaporators can be configured for custom applications. Because of the Polar Mate's small size it can easily be applied to the smallest of applications.

    The standard Grunert Baysider model features an enclosed ductable air cooled condenser as well as a water cooled condenser for maximum versatility. Warm condenser air can be ducted away from the unit and discharged into a more desirable area.


DC Voltage/Belt Driven Model:

    Grunert Mariner models are available in 1/3 HP - 1HP capacities, for use with 12, 24, or 32 volt DC power supplies. The extensive Mariner series can efficiently cool a number of different box sizes and configurations. For maximum versatility, add an optional air cooled condenser to provide uninterrupted serviced when the vessel is hauled or unattended.

AC Voltage/Hermetic Models:

    Like the Mariner series , the AC Hermetic models cool a number of different box sizes and configurations. Grunert Docksider models are available in 115V in 1/4 HP. Passage maker models are available in 115V or 230V in 1/4, 1/2, 1/5, 3/4 HP and 230V only in 1,1 1/2, and 2 HP. Both models are designed for yachts with AC power sources on board and utilize ozone friendly refrigerant 404A.

Engine Drive/Belt Driven Models:

    Grunert Caribbean models are designed for those yachts that utilize the power available from their main engine for holdover type systems. Typically, all on board energy requirements are condensed into one or two engine run times per 24 hour period.

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