Passport II - Retrofit Kit

The Passport II Environmental Control Unit is a microprocessor based controller designed for the precise monitoring of split and self contained direct expansion air conditioning systems in marine environments. One of the biggest advantages of Passport II is its humidity control for extended period when you are away from your vessel. See below for additional features.

The Retrofit Kit has everything you need to upgrade an existing 3-knob control. There is a mounting plate to cover the opening for the old 3-knob control and mount the new display (available in white or black). A remote air sensor, display cable and electrical box with the Passport II circuit board are also included. The wire harness has a polarized plug which mates with the existing plug.

The entire assembly is grounded and protected against static interference and RF noise. The circuit board is conformably coated to provide high resistance to external damage or corrosion. Internal self-diagnostic programs provide complete electronic checks of all lights, sensors, keys and circuits. Fused circuits and M.O.V.s (metal oxide varistors) provide component and board protection. Non-volatile memory stores all user-selectable parameters indefinitely during operation or any power failure situations.

The Passport II control meets or exceeds applicable ABYC and U.S. Coast Guard Regulations and CE Directives


FEATURES ---------------
User Selectable Functions
  • Automatic humidity control - moisture levels can be controlled when boat is unattended.
  • Cool only, heat only, or automatic mode selection.
  • Temperature displayed in Fahrenheit or Celsius.
  • Multiple fan speed selections - automatic or sex manual speeds.
  • Cycle fan with compressor or continuous fan operation.
  • Compressor time delay staging for multiple unit applications.
  • Calibration of fan speed settings an temperature display to maintain precise control.
  • Blank display lights when desired.
  • Controls shaded pole and split capacitor fan motors.
  • Compressor fail-safe protection.
  • Programmable de-icing cycle.
Design Features
  • Low voltage for optimum safety.
  • Built in air sensor (optional remote sensor).
  • Universal symbols with tactile switches and embossed power key-international recognition.
  • Cabin temperature is continuously displayed.
  • Lexan face plate available in black or white with cameo graphics.
  • Circuit board and 15' display cable are factory installed in the electrical box.
  • mounting plate with Passport II display replaces 3-knob mechanical control panel.
  • Easy connections using phone-type modular jacks which are shielded and grounded.
  • Polarized plug for easy connection to existing a/c unit.

Standard Cable Lengths (ft/m)
Air Sensor
Outside Air Sensor - optional

*Model number followed by: SC for self contained or CS for central system, B for black or W for white.
**Custom cables are to be ordered in 5' increments for remote systems. See Passport II sheet note about cable lengths

Installation Guidelines for Passport II - Retrofit Kit

Each Passport II Environmental Control Unit Retrofit Kit consists of the Passport II display panel, mounting plate, display cable, remote air sensor cable, the circuit board mounted in an electrical box, and mounting screws. This kit is designed to replace the 3-knob mechanical control (MCP).

To install the retrofit kit, first turn the a/c circuit breaker off. Disconnect the MCP polarized plug from the a/c unit's wire harness. Remove the MCP panel from the bulkhead. Plug the retrofit kit electrical box into the a/c unit's polarized plug. Mount the retrofit kit electrical box in a dry, accessible are with the screws provided.

Note: self contained a/c units use polarized plugs; Central System (CS) units are connected to their controls by a terminal strip. To retrofit a CS unit, cut the wires at the MCP, splice and connect these wires to the Passport II circuit board as shown in the wiring diagram provided.

Allow adequate access for all wiring connections. Wiring and circuit breakers must be sized according to marine design standards. Only stranded tinned copper wire should be used. Make sure all components are properly grounded.

The mounting plate is designed to take the place of the MCP panel. After mounting the plate, connect the display cable (15', 8-pin) from the retrofit electrical box to the Passport II display. Mount the display onto the plate using the adhesive strips, but first clean the plate with isopropyl alcohol.

There is an air temperature sensor built into the bottom edge of the

Passport II display panel. In order for this sensor to operate properly the display should not be located in direct sunlight or near nay other heat source. The display should not be mounted in the supply air stream. The display panel should be mounted on an inside wall, slightly higher than mid-height of the cabin, in a location with freely circulating air where it can best sense average temperatures.

If the above guidelines for mounting the Passport II display cannot be followed then the remote air sensor and cable (7', 6-pin) must be used. Open the retrofit electrical box and plug the air sensor cable into the 6-pin socket marked "J2" (nearest the corner of the board). Mount the remote sensor outside but not in direct sunlight. Optional fifteen foot outside air sensor cables are available if needed. DO NOT STAPLE ANY CABLES WHEN MOUNTING.

Refer to the Operations Manual and Quick Reference Guide for a thorough explanation of programming and operating of the Passport II Environmental Control Unit.

In the interest of product improvement, Marine Air Systems' specifications and design as outlined herein are subject to change without prior notice.

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