Staged Chilled Water-SCW Series

FEATURES ---------------
  • Compressors offer reduced amperage draw up to 25% over conventional units.
  • Compact copper brazed, stainless steel plate exchangers are designed for maximum efficiency in a confined space.
  • Computer matched components provide maximum cooling/heating capacity.

Innovative Designs

  • Compact base design provides flexibility in engine room layouts.
  • Multiplexed modules offer precise BTU requirements for any application.
  • Lightweight, aluminum construction enhances ease of installation while providing corrosion resistant durability.
  • complete control circuit provides multiple failsafes for system protection.

Individual Refrigerant circuits

  • Redundant design assures cooling if one circuit malfunctions.


  • All components accessed from front of condensing unit ensuring easy change out.

Quality Assurance

  • Each unit is pre-charged, load tested and calibrated at the factory.
  • Charge Guard~ protection provides sealed access ports, ensuring environmental protection and system integrity.
  • All units meet or exceed applicable ABYC and u.s. coast Guard regulations, CE Directives and general Air conditioning and Refrigeration Industry (ARI) standards.


The staged Chilled Water Units are available in capacities ranging from 24,000 to 600,000 BTU/H. Each model is avail able for 230 VAC/10, 208/230 VAC/30 and 460/380 VAC/30 operation. Standard models operate at 50 Hz and 60 Hz.

Multiple compressors and refrigerant circuits are incorporated to provide minimal power consumption versus load demands, as well as redundancy throughout the unit. Each refrigerant circuit is hermetically sealed and factory pre-charged with R-22.

Control circuits are low voltage (24 VAC) to provide safety. Each condensing unit is monitored and protected with freeze controls, high limit switches, high and low aqua stats, timers and on-board fuses or breakers.

All access ports to the refrigerant system are protected with CHARGE GUARD®, a factory installed seal, ensuring system integrity from shipping through final installation. This seal provides visual indication of a unit that has been previously tampered with or opened.

Condenser coils are constructed with cupro-nickel to provide high corrosion resistance. Unique stainless steel evaporator plates are designed for maximum efficiency of heat transfer. Circulation pumps are constructed with nickel-plated bronze pump heads and installed on the condensing unit frame. Frames are welded with marine grade aluminum alloy, pre-treated against corrosion, then finished with an acrylic polyurethane coating.

These condensing units can be installed in any convenient location and are unaffected by vibration, moisture or ambient temperatures up to 1400F/600C. Units meet or exceed Coast Guard regulations and general Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Industry (ARI) standards.

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In the interest of product improvement, Marine Air Systems' specifications and design as outlined herein are subject to change without prior notice.

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