Northern Lights
Marine Generator Sets
5.0 kW @ 60 Hz / 1800 rpm
4.5 kW @ 50 Hz / 1500 rpm

1800 RPM Tough.
EPA Tier Three Clean.
Small Enough to Fit Your Engine Room.

    The Northern Lights M673LD3, 5 kW is the smallest Northern Lights marine set ever built. Now boat owners who have had to make do with 3600 rpm sets or inverters can have legendary Northern Lights 1800 rpm reliability.

    The M673LD3 meets your power requirements and it will meet the EPA Tier Three emissions standards.

    At only 27 inches long and 355 pounds light, the M673LD3 is comparable in size and weight with high-rev, short-life 3600 rpm sets. This makes it the perfect retrofit set for boats that weren't built with a generator set. Many owners will have it installed in the corrosive environments of lazarets and under cockpit soles. So Northern Lights engineers gave the new set a stainless steel drip pan base that will resist rust.

    For smooth operation, the M643LD3 has a balanced Lugger three cylinder diesel instead of a rough two banger. Four platform isolation mounts reduce vibration transmission even more.

    The unitized freshwater cooling system and gear driven seawater pump minimize troublesome belts, hoses, and gaskets.

    The new "K" generator end has a broad, 110 to 240 voltage capability in both 50 and 60 Hz operation. The automatic voltage regulator (AVR) gives clean power and is fully automatic in both 50 and 60 Hz applications. A special AC winding powers the AVR for faster response, maintaining the Northern Lights reputation for starting motors and air conditioners.

    A 30 amp AC circuit breaker in the junction box provides short circuit protection. Safety shutdowns for low oil pressure, high water temperature, and high exhaust temperature are standard.

    All major service points are located on one side for ease of service -- even in the optional marine aluminum sound shield. The fuel system is self-venting. The control panel has a 20-foot wire harness that allows additional stations to be plugged in. All is protected by white polyurethane paint.

    The new M673LD3. Low emissions, small size, reliability, and long life. The best does come in a small package.

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