Northern Lights
Marine Generator Sets
M844LK M844LK
20 kW @ 60 Hz / 1800 rpm
16 kW @ 50 Hz / 1500 rpm

Low Temp Rise Makes New Northern Lights Even Better
    New Northern Lights marine generators are proof that even the best can be improved. Our dedication to quality and constant product improvement have made Northern Lights generator sets the standard of the marine industry.

The New 8, 10, 12, 16, and 20 kW
    Our existing 8 - 20 kW range has been completely upgraded and a new 10 kW model has been introduced. All feature generators from our new PX-300K series.

95-Degree Celsius Temp Rise for Long Life
    These brush less generators are manufactured for the rigors of marine operation. They have heavy-duty copper windings for 95-degree C temperature rise at 50-degree C ambient temperature, which promotes long winding life. Each set features an automatic AC voltage regulator that protects your electrical equipment by minimizing power dips and surges.

1800 RPM Lugger
    Powered by Lugger diesel engines, these sets operate at 1800 RPM instead of 3600 (1500 RPM for 50 Hz countries). This promotes increased engine life by reducing internal stresses.

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