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The lightest, most compact 5 kW generator available

At 1800 rpm, the smallest on its block.
The low-profile Westerbeke 5 BCDB is just 20.7 inches high and weighs only 336lbs., making it the smallest, lightest 5 kW diesel generator available. A full 5 continuous kilowatts in only 5.5 cubic feet of space.

Powered by a smooth three-cylinder engine, the 5 BCDB offers slow speed quiet operation combined with Westerbeke quality and reliability.

The 5 BCDB offers a variety of features such as single side service, top and side oil fills, full engine instrumentation, built-in power take-off and much more, all as standard equipment.

This new model, like all Westerbeke generators, is designed for operation at either 50 or 60 hertz and can be easily field converted.

This new space-saving model is as an ideal replacement for older less powerful generators or in installations with heavy electrical loads but with limited space. All Westerbeke generators and engines are backed by over 60 years of marine experience and by a worldwide network of 65 master distributors and their dealers supplying parts and service.


Standard Equipment

Many features are standard equipment

  • Fresh water cooling
  • Instrument panel
  • Vibration mounts – fail safe rubber type
  • 45° water injected elbow
  • Coolant recovery tank
  • Battery charging
  • Safety stop switch
  • Drip tray
  • Belt guard
  • Gear-driven sea water pump
  • Lube oil drain hose
  • Safety shut-downs – high coolant temperature, low oil pressure, high exhaust temperature
  • Oil fill – top and side
  • Self-bleeding fuel system
  • Operator’s manual and parts list
  • "CE" Mark
  • A.C. Circuit Breaker


Optional Equipment

  • Remote start-stop panel
  • 15’ panel ext. harness and cover plate
  • Dual station senders
  • Ship-shore switch
  • Power takeoff adapter
  • Fuel/water Separator
  • Hydro-hush muffler and fittings
  • "A" on-board spare parts kit
  • "B" extended cruising spare parts kit
  • Anti-siphon valve for overboard cooling discharge water
  • Technical Manual
  • Sound Guard sound enclosure


Optional "New Style" Sound Guard

Optional Sound Guard enclosure provides optimum silencing for the generator. Ruggedly constructed with all panels removable for easy servicing and maintenance.
  • Length – 32.8" (833.1mm)
  • Width – 20.6" (523.2mm)
  • Height – 22.33" (566.4mm)