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Introducing the smallest and quietest, 7.0 kW
gasoline generator available anywhere

7-0BCGB1-350.gif (54940 bytes)First in a new category of small, 1800 rpm gasoline generators
The new 7.0 BCGB is a smooth running, three-cylinder power plant that has leaped ahead of the competition. As a matter of fact, it is quieter than other 3600 rpm generators and there is no 1800 rpm gasoline generator in its size and power rating.

The 7.0 BCGB’s industrial engine is tuned and balanced to minimize both noise and vibration, and is designed to run reliably for thousands of hours. The unit is mounted on soft flexible isolator mounts that also help prevent the transfer of vibration into the hull.

The 7.0 BCGB offers true, single-side servicing. There is no servicing point on the port side of the engine that can be buried and cause you inconve- nience.

Westerbeke products are supported by a worldwide network of over 65 master distributors and their dealers providing parts, service and technical support in over 65 countries around the world.

It is to your advantage to select a generator made by Westerbeke, the people who pioneered the truly "quiet breed" of generators. With over 60 years of marine experience, you can be sure Westerbeke will continue to bring quality and innovation to it’s products.


Standard Equipment

Many features are standard equipment

  • Fresh water cooling
  • Vibration mounts
  • 90° water injected exhaust elbow
  • Coolant recovery tank
  • Battery charger
  • Safety stop switch
  • Drip tray
  • Belt guard
  • Belt-driven sea water pump
  • Lube oil drain hose
  • Safety shut-downs – hi-coolant temperature, low oil pressure, hi-exhaust temperature
  • A.C. Circuit Breaker
  • Operator’s manual and parts list
  • "CE" Mark
  • CARB certified
  • EPA certified
  • Meets U.S.C.G. Regulation 33CFR-183


Optional Equipment

  • Remote start/stop panel
  • Ship-shore switch
  • Hydro-hush muffler and fittings
  • "A" on board spare parts kit
  • "B" extended cruising spare parts kit
  • Anti-siphon valve for overboard cooling discharge water
  • Power takeoff adapter
  • Technical Manual