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A new, quiet, smooth running marine power-plant from Westerbeke

A small, reliable smooth running Generator Set for all your shipboard needs; electrical power at the turn of a switch for: Air Conditioning, Electric Cooking, Microwave Oven, Refrigeration, Cabin Appliances, Power Tools, and Navigation / Communication Equipment. Like all Westerbeke Generator Sets, it is fresh water cooled with an Engine mounted Heat Exchanger. The Engine and Generator are connected through special Drive Discs into a compact careful1y aligned Generator Set. The complete unit is mounted on lightweight rails through soft flexible Isolator

Mounts that prevent the transfer of vibration. A lightweight removable Drip Tray is fitted under the unit between the mounting rai1s. The generator components meet the safety regulations of U.S. Coast Guard 33 CFR-183. The Westerbeke 8.5 is lightweight, safe, dependable, durable and economical to operate. Designed to operate at a quiet 1800 RPM, the Westerbeke 8.5 offers 4 cylinder, 4 cycle smoothness to provide electrical conveniences usually found only on larger boats.


Standard Equipment

Many features are standard equipment

  • Fresh water cooling
  • Electric fuel lift pump
  • Ignition RFI Shielding
  • 50 amp Alternator
  • Overspeed shutdown
  • High water temperature shutdown
  • Low oil pressure shutdown
  • Lightweight mounting rails
  • Vibration isolator mounts
  • High exhaust temperature shutdown
  • Belt guard
  • Running time-meter
  • Down draft carburetor
  • Flame arrestor (USCG approved)
  • Water injected elbow
  • Coolant recovery tank
  • Lube oil drain hose
  • Operatorís & parts manual
  • Removable drip tray
  • Power takeoff interface


Optional Equipment

  • Remote start/stop panel
  • Remote engine instrument panel
  • Ship-shore transfer switch
  • Hydro-hush muffler and fittings
  • "A" on board spare parts kit
  • "B" extended cruising spare parts kit
  • Anti-siphon valve for overboard cooling discharge water
  • Technical Manual